“After asking for a few quotes from different companies I contacted Mike from Precision Bathrooms, he and Mike came straight away giving me a detailed quote and program of what the renovation would be. Mike made the effort also the same day of sending me another quote adjusted to my budget but without compromising the quality result.

Mike also offered us top quality products and tiles from their provider at the best price in the market. Mike guaranteed that the whole project would take 15 working days, and it actually took less. The contractors came along well coordinated, working efficiently, on time, tidying any mess and being reliable and considerate.

We didn’t have a single problem, all were solutions and great advice.

In a flash we got two beautiful new bathrooms and I can’t believe how quick and hassle free it has happened.

I can’t speak highly enough of Precision Bathrooms and the amazing attitude and dedication showed by them at all times.

After having a few renovations at our place, I can confidently say that the service provided by Precision Bathrooms has been unbeatable in professionalism, efficiency, customer service and dedication.”