“Mike of Precision Bathrooms has delivered 2 exquisitely decorated Bathrooms for us.

The company was recommended to me by a colleague whose neighbour had availed of his services.

We awarded Precision Bathrooms the project when many other plumbers backed out.

Once the scope and dates were agreed upon Mike provided us a with written schedule and a quote. The work was started on time and was completed on time. It would have been completed ahead of time, but for the Electrician’s availability earlier than the scheduled date.

The Bathrooms were fitted with high quality fittings, flooring and tapware, they look really wonderful. The workmanship also looks excellent, in that there are no leaks or loose fittings to be noticed. Even during work, there was minimum mess in the house hold.

What I am most impressed about is the completion of the job with clock work like timing.

I can recommend that Mike will doing an honest job within a pre agreed parameter. Although they may not be the cheapest in town, the hassles and delays could have led to cost escalations. None of that happened with Mike”